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Warren Buffett veut des impôts

Posted in miscellaneous by hadyba on octobre 2, 2008

Lu sur Swampland:

And Buffett had his usual wry commentary on the tax system, noting that he is now paying a lower rate than he ever has, including back when he delivered newspapers, and that it is lower than the tax rate paid by the cleaning lady in his office. « The government looks at me, and says, ‘You’re like the condor and the spotted owl. We have to protect you,’  » Buffett said. And he noted that he is getting this bonanza without the use of any tax shelters, or even a tax planner. But then he quickly corrected himself: « I guess I do have a tax planner. His name is President Bush. »

Désolé pas le temps de traduire, je dois me déconnecter.