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Emeutes françaises

Posted in miscellaneous by hadyba on novembre 19, 2008

Sudhir Venkatesh vous prédit des émeutes.

J’adore son:

« French youth in the suburbs are mostly North African in origin — or from other parts of Francophone Africa. They are also mad as hell. Decades of poverty and social exclusion have created a growing cohort of teenagers and 20-somethings who feel no investment in their nation. The indifference of the French government toward such frustration is truly remarkable. »

Non, en fait, this is better:

« The university’s courageous president, Richard Descoings, has been actively recruiting French minority students; to get around racial profiling, he has creatively used “neighborhood” as a proxy. I say “courageous” because he has been met with a popular rebuke that would make the religious right in this country look like cultural relativists/peaceniks by comparison. »