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Just a word

Posted in Oh my God!, USA by hadyba on octobre 3, 2011

Les Républicains sont merveilleux:

But then, I’m not a commenter on the redstate.com blog. If you go read whatthey have to say, you’ll find they’re a lot angrier at Cain than at Perry. Because first of all, you see, “ni**erhead” is just a word, a legitimate and perfectly respectable word. It’s an old British term for a black iron post used for mooring ships. It’s an antiquated term used by loggers to describe a large rock jutting out of a road. It’s a winch or a capstan. A boiler head on a steam locomotive. See? All completely innocent! And they’re mad at or at least disappointed in Cain for giving oxygen to the scurrilous accusation that Perry may be (in that horrifying, politically correct cliché) “racially insensitive.”